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5 Jobs For People That Are Good With Their Hands

5 Jobs For People That Are Good With Their Hands

There are many people just like The Builder, who are never meant to work in an office. Just the thought sends shudders down his spine. Those who are good with their hands are a very important commodity in our society, frequently involved in the installations and maintenance of the services like water and electricity that we sometimes take for granted (along with several other vital occupations). There are many jobs for those people who enjoy physical problem solving – here are just a few of them.

5 Jobs For People That Are Good With Their Hands


Do not confuse a pipefitter for a plumber! While the two professions seem similar on a superficial level, they are actually rather different. Pipefitters like those at Carpenter

Carpenters are instrumental for the construction and renovation of any given home. The builder started his career as a carpenter, before going back to study to become a builder. There are two distinct kinds of carpenters, rough-in (working the early stages – framework, scaffolding and woodwork) and finish (the later stages – tidy up and the correcting of any errors in trims and fixtures). Carpenters tend to work form plans and other written instructions. They require a high level of comprehension.



Becoming a chef is perfect for someone who likes to work with their hands but also performs well under high pressure. There was a time I thought I might like to become a chef. Chefs operate with speed and accuracy, quickly creating meals of varying complexity, depending on the restaurant they work for. It can be a very stressful career to have, especially as you advance into higher rolls such as head chef. Being a chef allows you to specialise too, which enables you to master the meal type you are best at, for me it’s nibbles. If I could be just a nibbles chef, I’d be doing that!



Car mechanics are always in demand. The reason they’re so valuable is because of the sheer number of cars on the road. We always have a need to have our cars serviced or have parts replaced or repaired. Having a large and available staff is a high priority for most automotive mechanics. It’s also the perfect industry for starting you own business if you are the entrepreneurial type, as well as being good with your hands.


House painting is another great career for people who prefer to be active in their work. This job allows you to be both physical and creative to a certain extent. It’s a great line of work to be in if you’re creatively minded when it comes to decorations as well, as may clients will turn to you for advice on the sorts of paints and colours they should be using in their home.

Finding a job that allows you to work with your hands can seem like a daunting task, but in actual fact there are many opportunities out there if you play to your strengths. Good with a saw and a hammer? Try carpentry. Got a green thumb? Try being a gardener or a landscaper! The options are very nearly limitless.

Are you someone who likes to work with their hands? What do you do for work?

Nicole xxx

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  1. this is a great read for someone that is wanting to leave the tech world and enter the hands on building world. going to be a daunting transition but one i’m looking forward to. Thanks nicole

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