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5 Home Storage Ideas For Homes Low On Space - The Builder's Wife

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5 Home Storage Ideas For Homes Low On Space

5 Home Storage Ideas For Homes Low On Space

As you know, I live in a Queenslander, what you might not know if you haven’t lived in one yourself, is how low there are on storage. In fact, one of our most common questions asked, is for home storage ideas for small houses or houses, specifically Queenslanders, that are low on space. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, that keep our home well organised and everything stored that I’m happy to share today.

5 Home Storage Ideas For Homes Low On Space

Moving from a large modern home, the biggest shock was the lack of storage, and while I did throw a lot of what we had out, much of it still needed to find it’s place in our new, almost storage-less space. Here are a few of the tips I use.


We have baskets everywhere here, they are an addition to the storage in our home, while also adding to the appearance of our home decor. We use baskets indoors and out to hide those every day necessities, that we might not like the look of. We have a shoe box/basket out front, we have baskets on the deck to hide the tools we use often in our home, I have plants in baskets inside which I store the kids laptop and iPad chargers.

The basket here with the plant, has the kids chargers in behind it.

Baskets work really well to store throw rugs and excess cushions. We came from a home that had 6 linen cupboards, so we had a huge amount of linen that needed to be stored, and only one tiny linen cupboard here, baskets were the answer! All of the kids have their own with the extra linen for their rooms tucked neatly away under a decorative throw rug.

Our shoe box at the front door.

Don’t forget kids toys! Baskets are great storage for those as well.


Clever tables can make for clever storage, and I don’t mean on the top of the table. How about inside! There are many coffee and side tables available now that have hidden storage inside. How about an old trunk as a coffee table,  a great storage space for board games, books and DVDs.

I’ve even seen ottomans with options for storage within them, take a look around there will be a solution that ties in with your decorating style.

Window Seats

Window seats are the power house of storage at our place. Every one of our 4 window seats are chock a block full of board games, office storage, DVDs, Christmas and birthday presents, even excess glassware and crockery.

Basket with throw rugs and a few table clothes under, window seat packed full with crockery.

If you don’t have a window seat, improvise, create a nook or a small corner in your home where you can either made one, or bring in a blanket box, top with a few cushions and throw rug and before you know it you have another place to sit and read a book, as well as some handy storage!

Under Bed

There are some really great under bed storage ideas now that wont break the bank. Under each of our beds, we store bits and pieces. I have a wrapping station under mine that is perfectly hidden by our valance. It cost very little to purchase the containers and we are maximising our storage space, essentially for free.

Under bed storage by Ikea.

Again under the kids beds is a great place to store their toys, and leave less room for all the other stuff they throw under there to hide.


Totes are a home owners dream, regardless of the size of your home. Anything we only use from time to time, we store in totes in our workshop under the house. The totes stop our possessions from becoming dirty, dusty, spider homes, and having space to store them in a shed, garage or workshop, frees up extra storage space in your home.

These plastic marvels are under my house in droves, appropriately labeled so the kids can be set to fetch the required tote when needed. A small expense for a huge gain.

There are heaps of storage ideas on the wonderful world of Pinterest, so much so you can get lost for hours looking over them all. These are just a few of my favourite to get you started.

Do you have plenty of storage in your home? What is your best organising tip?

Nicole xxx

Photos of Pen Y Llechwedd by Hannhah Puechmarin Styling by Rachael Honner Interior Design by Nicole The Builder’s Wife.

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  1. Although we live in an apartment and are quite tight on space – the under bed storage and ottoman have proved to be invaluable!

    1. Under bed storage is so underrated!

  2. Great ideas. What’s a tote?

    1. Great question Bridget, sorry I should have explained. A tote is a big, deep, plastic tub with a lid. Great for longer term storage. Thank you for asking!

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