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My 5 Favourite Places To Buy Linen

My 5 Favourite Places To Buy Linen

I love linen, actually I really love linen. Buying linen is one of my guilty pleasures, one I usually try very hard to keep quiet from my husband……… ? I update my clothes every season, it makes sense to me to update the linen with the seasons as well. There are a few places I always head to first when I feel the shopping bug biting, let me share.

My 5 Favourite Places To Buy Linen

Pillow Talk

I adore Pillow Talk and most importantly it is conveniently located right near where we live, furthermore there is another one in my favourite shopping centers which I visit at least weekly. Pillow talk is responsible for all the linen currently on my bed, from the sheets, to the doona and everything in between. I absolutely must have sheets which are 600 thread count or higher for two reasons, I like them, and they wash well. Washing well is essential when you have a builder for a husband.


One of the things I love most about Adairs, is that they have afterpay! Whoever thought of this gem of an idea, must have known my need for secrecy when purchasing linen. Adairs has a great range of linen, and shopping online is a breeze.

Bed Bath and Table

This shop really is a guilty pleasure for me. Not only do they have linen, but they have all sorts of homewares which can keep my heart happy for a long time. Keep an eye out for the specials here, they have great mark downs.


It might surprise you to know, that I actually purchase a lot of the linen I have in my home, from Kmart. Anything from kids sheets to kids towels and most of our throw rugs, Kmart has got the goods and the right price. I like to update the kids rooms reasonably often, so purchasing affordable, on trend linen is a must for their spaces. Thank you Kmart!


Myer is actually my go to for most things, they have such a big range and all conveintly located in the one shop, which I love. Myer is where I buy all the towels we have for The Builder and myself. Their linen range is comprehensive and covers all budgets, their specials are second to none! Just about every year I buy us new towels in the after Christmas sales.

There are plenty of other shops in which I will pick up our linen if I see it, these are just my go to shops on a regular basis. The Builder thinks I should start a new Facebook group called linen lovers anonymous, for all the other hopeless linen lovers, will you join with me?

What is your guilty secret? Want to join linen lovers anonymous with me?

Nicole xxx




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  1. We get most of our linen from the Sheridan outlets – they have such great bargains! My mum gifted us some Egyptian cotton sheets from I Love Linen and they are so divine, they’ve totally ruined us! I love sticky beaking at other people’s linen!

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