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5 DIY Jobs Anyone Can Try

5 DIY Jobs Anyone Can Try

Renovating a home can be an expensive exercise, maintaining a home can also be expensive, however there are some DIY jobs that anyone can try no matter your level of skills. I know because I have tried most of them myself. There isn’t much I wont try if The Builder gives me the go ahead, and obviously as renovators the opportunity to try something new comes up often. Here are my tops picks for jobs that are reasonably easy to try.

5 DIY Jobs Anyone Can Try


Here is a secret, I hate painting, but what I do love is the finished result and the sense of accomplishment. Best part of all, painting is so easy for anyone to try! Because it is so easy, and the results so dramatic, it also makes the perfect starter DIY job.

Both the Builder and myself painted all of our home with fantastic results. You can learn more about painting your home here and here.

Regrouting Tiles

Regrouting tiles can work wonders for a tired bathroom and while a little more difficult than painting, with the right tools it can still easily be done. Quite simply the process is to scrap out the existing grout and replace with new fresh grout. This can also work well to update a space that needs a little lift, by introducing a new grout colour.


Tiling is another DIY job that can be done by just about anyone. It is essential to ensure the appropriate prep work is completed prior to laying your tiles, but if done correctly, you will be impressed with your result. Tiling to a job that doesn’t require a huge amount of tools, or a particular skill set that cannot be self taught. A splash back is a great place to start before taking on a big job like a floor or a wall. You can find more information about tiling here, here, here and here.

Patching A Wall

As a plasterers daughter I have patched my fair share of walls, and while I do believe it takes a bit of practice to get a professional result, it is worth giving this job a try. There are a few tools requried to get a quality finish and I highly recommend talking to your hardware professional before trying, oh and watching a few Youtube clips to ensure you are on the right track.

Non Structural Carpentry

There is a large variety of non structural carpentry jobs that anyone can try. Think about jobs like changing the handles in the kitchen or the bathroom, replacing rotten weatherboards, planing or sanding sticky timber doors or windows, attaching cabin hooks, replacing towel rail or toilet roll holder or fitting a weather seal to a front or back door. There are any number of DIY jobs around your house for you to safely try. Various tools will be required to perform these jobs, but most if not all are reasonably available at your local hardware shop.

I encourage you to consider giving a few jobs around your home a try, not only can you save yourself money, there is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment when completing a job with your hands.




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  1. I’ve done a lot of painting in my time. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to tackle the other tasks on the list, I might have to delegate these to husband or a paid professional!

    1. You would be surprised how simple some of these tasks are xx

  2. Want to know a secret!!? I love painting, when hubby built a side fence I actually offered to go out at night when the bebes went to bed and paint it… I find it therapeutic

    We are attempting to put gates up but are attaching to concrete stumps (which is proving to be more difficult than we anticipated)

    1. So many people do!!! I am not one of them, painting Pen Y was enough to put me off. I had bleeding fingers after gapping the VJs, eww!! You’ll have to send me a photo of your gates once done xx

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