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5 Big Kitchen Designs-Inspired Space

5 Big Kitchen Designs-Inspired Space

Today brings the final installment in our Kitchen series, so far we have looked at Contemporary Kitchens, Hamptons Kitchens and Small Kitchens, this week we are going to have a look at some dreamy big kitchens. We can all dream can’t we?


5 Big Beautiful Kitchen Designs


This is my ultimate large kitchen. Erin from The Sunny Side Up Blog, has been my inspiration for most of the choices I have made in my own home. Just stunning!


Oh my, would you look at this island bench by Kelly Deck Design, my whole family could sit here for breakfast. Love!!


I love everything about this gorgeous space via Better Homes and Gardens. The feature dark bench top is my favourite.


How about this contemporary open planned beauty? Isn’t it gorgeous.


This industrial kitchen by Cap du sud Interiors is gorgeous. Such clean lines, but still warm and inviting.

It is my dream to have a big kitchen, big enough for the kids to be able to help with the cooking and not just get in the way ? We do have plans to extend the kitchen we have so that it will be double the size it currently is, however that is a while away just yet.

What would you do with such a big kitchen? Are you a cooker? What does your dream kitchen look like?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Ooh i am so jealous of those big kitchens!

    1. Me too! It triggered some serious planning here I can tell you ?

  2. Oooh, love the spaciousness.
    I’m not normally drawn to stainless steel but for some reason I do like the look of the last pic, and then I think, fingerprints!

    1. Fingerprints!!!!! They were never ending in our last house!

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