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5 Apps for The Home Handyperson – Home Improvement Thursday

5 Apps for The Home Handyperson – Home Improvement Thursday

The world of apps is a new frontier for the likes of The Builder who is a little technologically behind, however recently he needed a quick answer and decided to find an app to help. This led to a discussion on what sort of apps would be most beneficial for the home handyperson. Today I would like to share the 5 most useful apps I found.

Apps for the home handyperson

5 Apps for The Home Handyperson

Stanley Spirit Level


A spirit level is such a handy tool, which can be used for any job from hanging a picture to building a wall. Now conventienly able to be downloaded and used via your mobile phone. A great idea when you will only require it occasionally, as levels can be big and cumbersome to store. Currently only available on Apple devices, this app is free.

Construction Calc Pro


This app is all kinds of awesome, able to calculate materials and quantities for any given space. Simply input the length and width of the room and select which materials required and let the calculator do the rest. This is one of The Builder’s favourite apps, a handy tool for when you are on the go. Great for a handyperson, it comes at a cost of $7.61 and is available for Apple and Andriod devices.

Bosch Site Measure


This handy little tool, allows you to take a photo of the area you are measuring and then make notes on the photo to document the measurements taken. Bosch have a whole tool kit of apps that can be downloaded for free for both Apple and Andriod devices.

Handyman Calculator


handyman calculator

This app does so much, from tracking time, to storing measurements, sorting materials, measurement converter, it has calculators for all sorts of materials, saving you time and effort calculating the amount of materials to order. From roof pitch charts, to calculators for mulch and timber fencing, this app is a real one stop handyperson app.

DIY Tip Genius

DIY Tip Genius

Got a job to do, looking for some tips to make the job easier? This app has some great ideas and tips to share with you. The tips cover everything from carpentry to cleaning, from painting to pest and woodworking to window washing. Especially helpful for the hesitant handyperson, though it has value for all skill levels. Available free for Apple and Andriod.

Do you have a handy app you’d like to share?

We had two linkers last week, Charlene from Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature, shared another update of her Konmari Journey.


and Sarah from TOMFO is back for her first post this year, and share her free printable.


Will you be lining up this week?



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  1. I rarely use apps on my phone – apart from social media ones for the blog. I’d definitely use the Stanley spirit level. One app that I know gets mixed reviews is the stud finder one. If it was always correct, I’d definitely use that one too.

    1. I’m not sure how the stud finder app would even work, but truth be told I don’t understand apps much at all. The level one is a great idea!

  2. My partner could benefit from these! Thanks for sharing Nicole! oh and thank you so much for the feature! Have a fab week/weekend.

    1. You are most welcome Charlene x

  3. I’ll have to get onto these!

    1. Should come in handy Sam ?

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