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5 Apps For The Home Handyperson

Renovating your home can be fun, but there is no denying that we all need help at times to do so. Today we are looking at 5 apps for the home handyperson, and how they could benefit you.

5 Handy Apps For The Home Handyperson

Dulux Colour App

The Dulux Colour App, allows you to take a photo of the room you wish to paint, and select a dulux colour for the app to then virtually paint your room. A fantastic app that we as builders use regularly to help our clients understand the impact of their choices. The is a free app that can be downloaded here.

Quick Chippy



Quick Chippy has been designed by a carpenter for fellow carpenters and DIYer’s alike. Advertised as a collection of calculators, this app comes at a cost of $4.49 and would be helpful in so many circumstances, think measuring for stairs, or calculating concrete quantities. Quick Chippy can be found here.

Photo Measure


Photo measure app allows you to take a photo of a space and then write measurements on the photo to store for reference. Particularly handy when moving, or taking measurements for materials to be purchased later. A great visual tool. Photo measure is available as a free “lite” version or a full access version for $4.99 here.

Houzz App


For the budding DIYer or the interior stylist alike, the Houzz app is a source of many inspirational images. A great place for planning a whole home, renovation or simply a restyle of your home. This free app, keeps me amused for many an hour. Find the app here.

Magic Plan App


This app is awesome! Simply take a photo our your room, and then use the apps tools to create a plan of your room, giving anyone the ability to create a floor plan in just minutes! I am very excited to have found this plan, such a fantastic idea and a basic version of something we use in our business regularly. This app is free and available here.

When renovating as a DIYer, it is normal to encounter challenges you haven’t before, I can highly recommend using google to help you find a solution, though a word of warning, look for repeatable sites and words of advice. If ever you get stuck, don’t forget our Facebook group, Ask The Builder where you can leave a question for our team of professionals to get back to you with their advice.


Are you planning any DIY? Can you see use in any of these apps?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I love the look of the Dulux app and especially the Photo Measure app. I always forget to write down my measurements and I’m forever having to measure stuff multiple times!!! I’m so bad! We are about to start doing some hardcore redecorating and rearranging so that I can finally have my own office space (that will be a kid-free area!) and those will come in very handy!

  2. I do like drooling over the Houzz insta feed. I can imagine the app would be very handy. The photo app is genius. I wish I thought of it!!!

  3. I think I love these so much I’ll look at them & have a play! Aren’t apps just the best! Thanks for sharing your great research & ideas .. I always look forward finding out more than I knew when I come to your blog Nicole! Thank you! D x

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