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5 Amazing Contemporary Kitchen Designs-Inspired Space

5 Amazing Contemporary Kitchen Designs-Inspired Space

On one of our current building projects, the owners are looking at installing a contemporary kitchen to complement their new open plan living space. Here I am sharing a snap shot of the inspiration board we are working on together, to bring a little inspiration to you day.

The Builders Wife Contmeporary Kitchen

5 Contemporary Kitchen Designs to Inspire

dbc3299db1c8ded1c828c2a8c13878c1Smith & Smith Kitchens


Art of Kitchens


Melbourne Contemporary Kitchens


Impala Kitchens


Darren James Interiors

Contemporary kitchens to me mean, state of the art design, the latest in technology in appliances, the newest trends of materials, clean lines, fresh and clutter free. This doesn’t need to come at a cost of warmth however, with clever colour choices, lighting and a well thought out design, you can have your contemporary kitchen cake and eat it too. ?

Are you a fan of contemporary kitchens? How would you describe your kitchens design?

Nicole xxx

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  1. OMG I have bench-envy for all of these kitchens! I quite like our kitchen but it’s really lacking in the bench space department. Some beautiful inspiration here!!

    1. Me too! I am so excited to think that I will one day have more bench space. By the time I have the thermomix and the coffee machine on the bench, there isn’t any more space! Drives me crazy. xx

  2. We moved into a tiny apartment for 6 months – I have to say at the moment, I’d like any kitchen design that had cupboards I didn’t need to stand on a chair to get things out of….

    1. Oh no, I know that feeling! ?

  3. I like that second photo – the black area is nice contrast! I have a bright orange kitchen in my rental haha.

    1. Oh the curse of the bright orange kitchen!

  4. Loving those clean lines!

  5. I’m loving those clean lines!

    1. Me too xx

  6. Current kitchen status: brown so I would be happy with any kitchen that wasn’t brown. I’m all for clean lines, but I’m freaking out how hard I’d have to work to keep a contemporary kitchen clean! Let’s just say I’m a messy worker! So were the clients inspired? I wonder what they chose…

    1. Very inspired and have chosen a few elements from most of these designs. ?
      Keeping them clean isn’t too hard, I to am a very messy working who loves to use every dish or pot in the house ?

  7. This is top of mind for me at the moment. Have just finished designing our new kitchen so fingers crossed it works out, my old kitchen was quite contemporary the new one will be a little less white. there is so much inspiration it’s hard to land on just one!

    1. Oh I agree! Kitchen planning is so much fun, good luck and enjoy xx

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