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$400 Small Office Makeover – A Tranquil Space For A Home Business

$400 Small Office Makeover – A Tranquil Space For A Home Business

I have a client makeover to share this week as I think it could be super helpful for many of us living in small spaces. My client is a therapist who works and studies from her home, which is an apartment with limited space. The solution in this case was to look at utilising the cupboard space in the second bedroom to create the tranquil small office makeover required. Needing also to keep a tight budget in mind, careful shopping was important. This client took part in my E-Decorating service, which you can find more information on here.

The $400 Small Office Makeover

This home has 2 bedrooms, the second bedroom needed to be functional, making the cupboard the perfect space for a home office. Starting by removing the doors, a wardrobe actually has a lot of usable space that can quickly become an office nook, perfectly on trend!

While the space is a little limited, you can fit a desk and shelves in the room with careful selection, add a comfy chair that can double up as a reading chair and decoration for the bedroom, and you’re on your way!

As this client is a therapist, I have chosen a pastel colour palette with blush pink as the primary accent colour, however there are many other accent colours that would work well for the tranquility required.

With a small space like this nook, it is easy for it to appear cluttered. To combat this I have included baskets to fit in a few of the shelves. Baskets work perfectly as storage for all those messy things we have in an office, but keep the streamlined tidy space.


A Desk Set from Kmart $5

B Grey Table Lamp from Kmart $15

C Felt Memo Board from Kmart $8

D Velvet Occasional Chair from Kmart $49

E Kalax Shelves from Ikea $65

F Micke Desk from Ikea $179

G Woven Storage Basket from Kmart $10

H Pink Desk Drawers from Kmart $8

I Pink File Holder from Kmart $4

Now if you needed to refine the budget even tighter to around $250, there is an alternate desk from Kmart for only $25 which would bring this makeover in under $250!

We are living in a wonderful time that allows us to have beautiful spaces on a budget. With some careful planning and considered spending, you too can have a gorgeous home office on a budget!

Do you work from home? Are you happy with your office space?

Nicole xxx



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  1. This is so lovely and I hope your client loved it too.

    Denyse x

    1. Thank you Denyse ? x

  2. I would love an office like that! My “office” is the dining table and while I would love my own nook, I love that I am in the heart of the home. You sure know how to stretch a dollar! Your client must be chuffed to bits!

    1. Stretching a dollar is my specialty!! xx

  3. I love the look of that desk, and the idea of having the workspace centered around the wardrobe. I might need to investigate that idea a little more while I’m still in the planning stages of my office. I’ve been thinking about having a some kind of fold-out lounge/bed so that the room can still be used for guests on the rare occasion when we have them, but also as a space for the girls to sit & read quietly or do their homework without distractions, so utilising the wardrobe would leave room for that. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. There is so much space in a wardrobe!! Certainly great space for a desk nook or even a reading nook. x

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