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4 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer - The Builder's Wife

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4 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

4 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

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Out on the patio we sit, and the humidity we breath. That song has been running around in my head for last few weeks as our hot Aussie summer begins to really kick it up a gear. While I love the hot weather, I do prefer it when I am able to get out of the heat, at least for a short while to recharge the batteries. If you’re not a big fan of that sticky sweaty feeling read on, I’ve a couple of tips for you.

4 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Tinted Windows

Most of us tint the windows in our cards, and shops and offices often have tinting as well. Why not consider it for your home? Not only will it help to keep you cool over the warmer months, window tinting can block our UV rays, stops glare and provide far more heat reduction that un-tinted windows in cars, homes and buildings. If you are considering this method to keep cool this summer, tint specialists such as Mastertint can help you out with the information you need.

Hop In The Pool

Swimming is not only a great way to keep cool in summer but can also provide an opportunity for exercise. This was our favourite way to keep cool in our previous house that had a pool, now days we pop next door, or to the public pool or take a trip down to the Gold Coast for a quick dip. There is nothing I like more than floating around in the pool on a pool floatie sipping on a drink after a long hot day on site.


This is something The Builder struggles with all the time. Working long hot sweaty days on site, mean it can be particularly hard for him to remain hydrated. Drinking cool water, especially with a few ice cubes, is a sure fire way to cool down quickly. Don’t forget that once you’re thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Keep sipping on your water all day long for it to have the best effect.


A bit of a no brainer really, staying in the shade will not only keep you cooler than if you were standing in the sun, but of course it lessens the risk of getting sun burnt. We have a couple of portable shades that The Builder uses when working long hours in the sun. A little bit of shade can make even the hottest of days more bearable.


There are plenty of ways to keep cool in summer, not just these! Be sure to look after yourself, your family, friends and your pets if you are going to be out in the hot sun for any length of time. Heatstroke is never fun, and spending time in the warmth is what summer is all about!

How do you keep yourself cool in summer?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Awesome ideas! It has been so hot here lately on the Gold Coast!

    1. Thanks Kat, It’s been super hot here too!

  2. Snap. I wrote a similar post yesterday. It’s been so hot of late, these tips definitely help. x

    1. Ha ha ha! It has been hot, I can’t do without the air-con any more x

  3. […] the hottest weekend for a very long time, just behind us, swimming pools have become a hot topic here. We love entertaining at Pen Y Llechwedd, but we are seriously missing our pool from our previous […]

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