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3 Scenarios That Will Make You Glad You Had Public Liability Insurance - The Builder's Wife

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3 Scenarios That Will Make You Glad You Had Public Liability Insurance

3 Scenarios That Will Make You Glad You Had Public Liability Insurance

3 Scenarios That Will Make You Glad You Had Public Liability Insurance
Let’s face facts – accidents happen. No matter how careful you are, there are some things you can’t predict. While you can’t stop every accident from happening, you can be prepared for the worst by protecting yourself and your business with public liability insurance. To do this and to learn about your best options, have a chat to companies like Tradewise Insurance. And just in case you need any more convincing about why you should get public liability insurance, take a look at the following scenarios.

You’ll Want Insurance Against Passers-by

Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to be working on completely isolated premises, but for the most part, the public will have access to your worksite. Whether it’s clients, or just people passing by, having others involved in your work space presents a significant risk.

Picture this: you’re busy fixing something on the roof, and the ladder you’re using has to be placed near the footpath. As you’re standing at the top, an 18-year-old uni student walks along the footpath, headphones in and eyes glued to their phone. It’s inevitable. They slam into the ladder, knock one of the tiles off the roof, and badly injure themselves. They can’t work or go to uni for 4 weeks, causing them to miss all of their exams and forcing them to redo their semester. Lucky you have public liability insurance to cover you!



You’ll Want Insurance Against Emergency Situations

Most of the time your work place will be fairly safe, but you can’t foolproof against others’ work and mistakes. Just because you’ve been cautious doesn’t mean everyone else has. This means your work space is at risk of freak accidents.

Picture this: it’s a normal day working on the interior of an office building. You’ve got some employees and contractors helping out as you lay down carpet. Everything’s running smoothly until you see a spark in the corner of your eye from an employee nicking an electrical wire. Before you know it, the carpet is on fire and it’s spreading quickly. The flames block the door, so you’re forced to find an exit through the window. Luckily you’re only on the second floor, so no one is too badly hurt. The fire damage, however, is quite extensive. Good thing you have public liability insurance to cover you!


You’ll want insurance against property damage

While you’re working, you are as careful as you can reasonably be. But when something gets broken, you don’t want to have to worry about covering the damage.

Picture this: you’re painting the interior of a beautiful home. As you’re painting the ceiling, your arm cramps and you drop the paintbrush. It falls straight towards the delicate stained-glass windows, smashes a hole in the glass and puts a large dint in the window sill. Luckily the public liability insurance you have will cover damage!

These are just three scenarios where public liability insurance will save you a lot of money. Can your business really afford to not have this covered properly?

This post was written in collaboration with Tradewise Insurance

Nicole xx


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  1. We just bought an investment property and I was surprised they wanted public liability on top of the normal Landlord insurance and other stuff. Now I know why!

    1. It’s certainly better to be safe than sorry 🙂

  2. We wouldn’t give work to our sub its if they didn’t have it. Great post!

    1. Thanks Bec, we are the same xx

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