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3 Kitchen Trends For 2017 Inspired Space

3 Kitchen Trends For 2017 Inspired Space

While the year is still relatively young, there are some firm trends emerging all ready. In this weeks Inspired Space we will explore kitchens already embracing the trends. This years kitchen trends are easy to implement and will be easy to swap out if necessary.

3 Kitchen Trends for 2017


light-gray-mini-subway-tile-backsplash-zinc-kitchen-hoodL. Kae Interiors


25cccea5233f940aeb81ae2514e787d0House Beautiful

838f9626fd3c5ef59eeef66fbf46ae56Tom Howley


Officine Gullo

Integrated appliances are becoming more affordable and commonplace this year. Keeping your kitchen clean, tidy and pleasing to the eye has never been so easy. Integrated appliances and workstation will keep your kitchen clutter free.



The Design Files

433e5bfe46cb25237787a59af615f333Plan B By Morganours


The Jungalow

Plants anywhere in the home is a huge trend for 2017, makes sense then that plants in the kitchen would be a big thing! Plants have the ability to make the space look fresh, but also to purify the air, super handy after cooking fish and the like. Green also happens to be the Pantone Colour of 2016, which means you’ll be winning on 2 fronts here.

Creative Storage

IMG_2967-768x960Chris Loves Julia

d1c4778c35ed042320d0f3bab8db5205Hetherwood Design & Build


Hunted Interior

A place for everything and everything in it’s place. A huge trend towards practicality and design will see many creative and practical storage ideas implemented into your 2017 kitchen design. Spice draws, charging stations, corner cabinets we can finally use.

Each year trends come and go, this year though the trends are easy to implement and unlikely to date. Practical, thoughtful and lending themselves to a clean, tidy and fuss free kitchen.

Have you any of these trends in your kitchen? Do you love plants as much as I do?


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  1. So many great ideas for kitchens!
    A herb garden would be a great addition to the kitchen functional and pretty – I love plants just sometimes they don’t love me (I’m a bit of a black thumb!)
    A hidden pull out rubbish bin is my favourite feature of my kitchen renovation followed by a pull out caddy under the sink for cleaning products and so forth. Anything that pulls out so you don’t need to get on your hands and needs and bend down searching for something is a winner in the kitchen ?

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  4. It’s interesting looking over these trend from 2017. The space saving trend still continues and is getting more innovative, such as the combined washer dryer that is frequently hidden tucked away in a kitchen cabinet these days.

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