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My Favourite Space with Lisa from TOMFO

My Favourite Space with Lisa from TOMFO

I knew when I asked Sarah or Lisa as I now know her, to be a part of our My Favourite Space series, we would all get to share in some beautiful images, I underestimated how gorgeous those images would be. Lisa blogs at TOMFO, and writes in a wonderful way that makes you feel like you are delightfully skipping through her words and they trickle down the page. We have been treated to the same here today, not bound by the constraints of the questions, Lisa has continued to write in her stunning style.

A lovely treat this morning, grab a cuppa and enjoy!



Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Lisa Wright, some of you may know me as Sarah Preston, it’s my pen name that takes the names of both my Grandma’s.
I’m a graphic designer and art director by trade and I’ve also had 6 solo art shows in my career, my most rewarding job is being a mum and I love everything to do with family and friends.
I started creating and writing Tomfo nearly 3 years ago, it’s the name sake of my cousin Tom, who inspired me to follow my dreams.
Tomfo has become my place to create and make easy DIY ideas and art prints and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams too. I’m (properly) launching the Yamba Scandi Collection in the coming weeks, hopefully to co-incide with Tomfo’s 3rd birthday.
Recently, we made a huge sea change and moved to Yamba, where we’ve built our dream home.
Perhaps this sums me up the best,
This morning I saw an instagram post by Helen Edwards that said…
Creative pursuits are not something to
“do in your spare time”
they are as important as breathing.
I couldn’t agree more,
she goes on to say,
ever since she was a little girl, creative arts and pursuits were her everything.

Me too!

I truly believe that no-one should tell you otherwise.
Keep following your dreams.

Tell us about your favourite space?
We’ve just built a new house,
so I pretty much have favourite spaces everywhere.
If you asked me two months ago,
I would have said that couch because,
moving in seemed like such a never ending story…
we dreamed of lying there.

If you follow my blog,
you’d know I dislike doing the laundry.
However, we actually have one now.

If I had to pick from these spaces…
1. Tomfo-Yamba-Scandi-Favourite-spaces

I would say…
it has to be this one,
The garage/studio.

2. Tomfo-Yamba-Scandi-Studio-garage

Because of how far it’s come.
{and how far it’s got to go, it’s still a work in progress.}
We couldn’t drive in here for months.

3. Tomfo-favourite-space-before

It houses all my craft supplies.
and paint,
and tools.

4. Tomfo-favourite-space-organising

It holds our passions….
my husband’s surfboards,
fishing equipment.

It protects our transport,
cars and bikes.

And it even sleeps extra kids on camp beds when you need it!

It’s more than just an organised multi purpose room,
we can finally we can find everything,
like the glue,
and the tape measure
and the sander.

It’s my favourite space

it’s also a space to create.

What are your favourite items in this space?
This super easy DIY shoe pallet rack made from a pallet is perfect to keep everything organised.
You can make this yourself too, just a pallet and some paint and fix it to the wall.

5. Tomfo-Yamba-Scandi-diy-shoe-pallet-rack

One of my other favourite things is the garage door,
If you leave it up,
it means…
Come in, where home.
Fancy a chat?
Or a beverage?

And here’s the best thing…
We added some shelving and a rail, {the table below used to be our old dining table}
and now…

It’s where I can create and store my works.

6. Tomfo-my-favourite-space-studio

How does this space make you feel?

and scared.
Putting your artwork out there is like bearing your soul for all to see.


The garage is a vessel for what is yet to come.

and memories on cushions and bags and canvas and more.

Created in the garage.
That fill our home.
And maybe others too.


That multi purpose garage…

is my favourite place.
Because it inspires me
to follow my dreams
and creative pursuits.

It reminds me…

Creating and following your dreams
are as important as breathing.

Photo credit: Vicki James Creative Photyography (except for my before shot of course)

You can find Lisa on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TOMFO and Yamba Scandi Collection

What did you think of Lisa’s space? Have you ever written under a pen name?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Lovely hanging out with you today, thanks for your very kind words,

    I’ll be “delightfully skipping” around all day. (I love those words)

    Have a great one lovely lady x

    1. Thank you for joining us! xxx

  2. Hello Lisa! I love your blog and have been a fan of your DIY projects. I just love your creativity. I didn’t realise Sarah wasn’t you’re real name. You have a beautiful home and an amazing, creative life. Thank you for inspiring me with your story. x

    1. Hi Bec, I love writing as Sarah Preston, it makes me remember where our family came from.
      Thanks lovely lady, that’s exactly what I hope to do, inspire people like others have inspired me.
      Happy weekend x

  3. That pallet idea is genius! And I love the idea of a pen name, particularly one that brings together two great women in your life. I might just have to borrow that idea ?

    1. It’s such a simple thing to make and it’s function is perfect for a busy household.
      I love things that everyone can make.
      Borrow that pen name idea away…
      Have a great weekend x

    2. I love the idea too Angie!

  4. What an elegant home! Love it!

    1. Thank you lovely lady, professional photographers always make things look even better.

    2. That’s the perfect description! Elegant it is. x

  5. You have such a way with words, love it Lisa! Your range looks so incredible in your new home, Vicki captured it perfectly! Happy Friyay xx

    1. It’s like the house was made for the range ? xx

  6. Thank you lovely lady x
    I love telling stories,
    but it means nothing unless people read them,
    I’m a big believer that pictures and words go together like a saucer and cup. (Vicki Rocks)
    Thanks for reading and have yourself a fab weekend xx

  7. OMG, I am loving your storage boxes and how they are labelled!!! I have storage envy

    1. It’s the best thing we ever did, everyone knows where everything is.
      I still have more plans for this space, starting with the fridge next.
      Happy Friday x

    2. It’s a clever idea, I agree! xx

  8. Firstly, OMG Sarah is Lisa! I want a pen name too!
    Secondly, Sarah’s, I mean, Lisa’s entire home is beautiful. I completely love it all.
    Thirdly, those black storage boxes in the shelving unit would have to be the most impressive I have ever seen!

    1. What would you use if you had a pen name? I would like to be Alexandra or Sophia, something far more exciting than my usual Nicole x

    2. Thank you lovely lady.
      I get a lot of comments on those storage boxes, it’s such a great way to be organised so you can do more of what you love… and it makes finding stuff for others so easy. Have a great week xx

  9. Love love tomfo and Sarah/Lisa. Such a creative & fun soul and her home is just a dream! I love that the garage door open signals come on in. I miss that about living in the country… being able to just pop in for a cuppa. I wish I thought to start blogging with a pen name! Xx

    1. That garage is my favourite! I love it, if only I had one to organise ?

    2. You are so right Shannon, I love that bit about the simple life, more time to just stop and say hello.
      Blogging with a pen name has it’s downfalls though, no one knows who you are in the beginning, but I figured if you like what I do, you don’t really need to know my real name (unless you take a closer look), one of my friends said… “Gee that Sarah Preston looks a lot like Lisa” lol!

  10. Wow, what gorgeous spaces! And what a great use of the garage. Love this series, Nicole. And lovely to meet TOMFO!

    1. Thank you Emily. xx

    2. Thank you, thank you lovely lady.
      Lovely to meet you too.

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