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My Favourite Space with Charlene Morunga

My Favourite Space with Charlene Morunga

For my Favourite Space this week, we are being joined by one of our Kiwi cousins. Charlene from Teacher by Trader, Mother by Nature is a regular contributor to our Home Improvement Thursdays link up. The 30 something, Mummy blogger, who is a teacher by trade and a Mummy to 2 describes her blog as…...if you love to organise, declutter and clean, we are going to be great friends. If you are looking for fun and creative (and inexpensive) activities and crafts, you have come to the right place. Other things you will find on my blog: Motherhood, Photography, Kids Parties, Taking Stock, posts for #TuesdayTen, #AtoZChallenge, #1Word. I also share tidbits of my Life, Home & Family.

With loads of organising posts, plenty to keep you inspired and creative, Charlene’s blog is the place to be! Take it away Charlene…..


Tell us a little about yourself?
Hi there, my name is Charlene and I am a stay-at-home Mum to two beautiful children. I also work part-time as a primary school teacher, and blog over at Teacher by trade, Mother by nature. I love my family, organising my home, inspiring others and sharing creative ideas.

Tell us about your favourite space?
I would have to say my daughter’s ‘Paris theme bedroom’ is my favourite space at the moment. My daughter, Miss B, has been a huge fan of anything and everything Paris for a while now, in fact, she had a Paris themed 10th Birthday.

When we moved into our new home in August, 2015 – it was pretty obvious she was going to have a Paris theme bedroom and I think it’s perfect. I love that it is simple, spacious, organised, and a space she can grow with over the years.

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
What’s not to love? I want a room like this and I’m in my 30s!

I love how light it is, and the colour combination, especially the pop of pink. The two single wardrobes with plantation bi-fold doors fit perfectly with the Paris/Vintage theme. And when you have a theme for your kids rooms, it makes things easier when you are on the hunt for decor items, or when family and friends need gift ideas – anything Paris is a winner. Most of the canvas art was given to Miss B for her birthday – there are a few canvases waiting to be hung up.

I didn’t want my daughter’s room to have a lot of furniture in, so we utilised the space in the wardrobes. The drawers fit perfectly in one and she hangs clothes in the other. The TV can be hidden away by simply shutting the doors, and opened when she wants to watch her favourite shows.

I bought two canvas boxes from KMart to store her nail art collection and crafts. These boxes fit perfectly on the top shelf of the wardrobe (she does need to ask me to get them down, and put them back up, but that’s okay), we needed to put them up high, away from her toddler brother.

Everything in her room has it’s own place and is organised with ‘like things together’, making it easier for her to keep it clean and tidy.

What are your favourite items in this space?
Definitely the two single wardrobes – when both of the doors are closed, it makes the room look and feel much bigger and tidier.

The best buy for this space is the Ladder/Desk shelf I bought from The Clearance Shed for $35. It’s perfect, because my daughter needed some more shelving (to display her Paris paraphernalia) and she also wanted a desk, somewhere she could do her colouring and homework – so it was a win win. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and fits perfectly at the end of her bed, by the window.

How does this space make you feel?
This room is my happy place (and my daughter’s too). It makes me feel calm and relaxed. I also like to sit in here when my daughter is away – it makes me think of her and reflect on how much she has grown. I love the shades of pink, grey and black colour combination as I feel it’s perfect for a young girl heading into her tween years.

A gorgeous room, I think any girl would love this space, and I can certainly see why you would like it as well Charlene. You can see more of Charlene at her Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
Tell me about the room of your dreams when you were a child? Mine was similar to the bedroom in Grease, all frilly and pretty. ?
Nicole xxx
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  1. Thank you Nicole for your lovely words, and for featuring ‘My Favourite Space – Miss B’s Paris-inspired Bedroom’ on your blog. I love your series (and your blog) – you are an absolute inspiration! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend.

    1. Thank you Charlene, for your support and your contributions xx

  2. Gorgeous room Charlene! I love how she can grow into it as she gets older.

    1. Thank you so much Jane! It’s a great space, she loves it and takes pride in her ‘Paris’ room – she would love to visit Paris one day too – a great goal to have at a young age.

    2. I agree Jane!!

  3. What a gorgeous room – for a girl of any age – I’m 40 and would love a room like that! I especially love the cupboards, all the storage but none of the mess! Love your work, Charlene!

    1. Thank you Sammie. Paris is a great theme for a girls room. The wardrobes/cupboards are awesome – I wish we had them in every room, however they are best suited for Miss B’s. When we had a walk through of the house, I was sold as soon as walked into the room (and house), and knew exactly how it was going to look with all of Miss B’s things. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love that bedroom Charlene. What a great theme for a girls bedroom and it is one that can definitely grow with her. You have a great eye for interiors!

    1. I agree Bec!

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