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15 Trees

We have a big family, and as parents of this big family, we try to be very thoughtful about the choices we make and how those choices impact the environment. We want to do our bit to leave a better world for our children. Recently we decided to look further into how we could work this ‘belief’ into our business. We already use environmentally friendly building techniques, we encourage our clients to encorporate energy and water efficent practices into their homes, but we wanted to take it further.

There is the enevitable use of non sustainable materials that we would like to make up for, this thought prompted us to do some research, we wanted an answer that was local, that was sustainable, that gave something back to the comunitity, and we found it. Fernbrooke Homes are now proud supporters of Fifteen Trees.


With the help of Fifteen Trees, we are able to support local, rural comunities to do exactly as the name suggests and plant 15 trees for each of our new projects. The trees are indiginous to the envioronment in which they are planted, and once planted each client is provided with the oportunity to view thier 15 trees via webcame online.

This has been an exciting new development for our business. It’s wonderful to feel a part of the community and to feel as though we are contributing to a better planet. The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly supportive. They have been excited to view their trees, one of our client have even named all 15 of their trees ?

Is there another way you would like to see us positively contribute to the environment?

Nicole xxx

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