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12 Stylish Stair Runners To Perfectly Complement Your Home

12 Stylish Stair Runners To Perfectly Complement Your Home

I love a good stair runner, and in the interest of replacing ours for a more modern look, I’ve had a good tour all over the web to find exactly what I am looking for. Stair runners add a refined look to a home, giving it the extra bit of polish they often need. Ready to get lost down the stair runner rabbit hole?

Stair runners

12 Stylish Stair Runners To Perfectly Complement Your Home

stair runner

The Carpet Workroom

Herringbone is such a classic look. This fine herringbone would be great for high traffic staircases, I love it!

stair runner

Annie Selke

I think this image in my all time favourite stair runner image. It’s the colour of the runner, the texture of the wood, the light but also the hall runner that runs along side it. This Dash Albert stair runner is just perfect for me!

stair runner

Verandah House Interiors

Stripes! Oh my love for stripes, how interesting is this runner with the deep navy in between the stripes? I adore it!

stair runner

Wealden Times

This renovation from Hastings in the UK is simply spectacular, the jute stair runner adding the practicality and polish needed to finish this hall and landing. Love!

stair runner

The Lilypad Cottage

This gorgeous stair runner brightens up this stunning white hallway perfectly. The pattern is lovely too.

stair runner

Dash and Albert

Dash and Albert have the goods when it comes to stair runners. The pattern in this with the rich blue door, all the heart eyes!

stair runner


The restraint shown here creates a perfect combination of texture, pattern and colour.

stair runner


The colour on this runner balances the warmth in the timber floor, and reflects the tone of the wall colour, a gorgeous combination.

stair runner

Hartley and Tissier

These stairs look like a gift with the addition of this runner. Makes me want to climb upstairs to see what the gift is!

stair runner

Libby Langdon Interiors

This makes my little blue heart happy. What a spectacular blue to use as a runner, bright and happy.

stair runner

Roger Oates

This design is amazing, the stripes, the addition of the darker boarder makes the stairwell look much bigger.

stair runner, rods

Helen Green Design Studio

The addition of brass rods, really elevates this soft, gorgeous runner.

Stair runners are an easy addition to a home. Quite easy to self install if necessary, a simple weekend project to polish your home staircase.

Do you have a staircase at home? Do you have a runner?

Nicole xxx



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  1. These are so fabulous – they make me wish I had stairs! I did have stairs in first floor maisonette when I lived in London and I had individual stair treads instead. I wish I’d know then what I know about stair runners now!

    1. Sammie, I had to google Maisonette, I had no idea what they were even though we stayed in one in London!! It was such a romantic experience a childhood dream come true. I loved the architecture in the UK.

  2. There is very beautiful carpet on the third picture! What’s the best way to unfix the carpet off?

  3. Hi Stacy, I really enjoy reading your blog and these have been some of my favorites this year as well. I am fairly new to DIY projects in general … We recently bought a house and are slowly repainting interior. I have done a couple furniture makeovers and I’m currently working on two dressers for my kids rooms. I noticed that you highly recommend the Home Rite paint sprayer. I’m wondering if it might be worth it for me to invest in that for furniture, the six panel interior doors that we have on each of our rooms and closets. I’ve also thought of refinishing the wood cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen. Will the sprayer that you use and have recommended be good for these purposes? Do you feel that it is easy to use and easy to clean? Do you clean it in between each used or can you save it for the next coat paint?

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