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11 Things I Love About Working With My Partner

11 Things I Love About Working With My Partner

I think working with your partner gets a lot of bad press, but I’ve generally found working with my partner to be one of my favourite things about what I do. While our working direction has changed significantly over the last few years, we still work together on a daily basis and challenges aside, I feel blessed to do so. Here are 11 reasons why it works for us.

11 Thing I Love About Working With My Partner

  1. I get to show him on a daily basis how strong I can be
  2. We share the same passion for what we do
  3. The days are rarely long when you spend them with someone you love
  4. He understands my working frustrations
  5. We get to be on the same team
  6. We have the opportunity to lift each other if we are feeling down
  7. Lunch time is great when you work with your bestie
  8. Because we are working on the same project, we can have conversations without too many words
  9. We have a shared direction
  10. It allows for life flexibility while we remain on the job
  11. We get to help each other with jobs we are not so good at

This list is only 11 long, I could easily add another 11 things, however this post is meant to be short and sweet and hopefully serve as a reminder that even though each of us face challenges at work, working with our partners is a wonderful opportunity to see each others strengths.

Your partner doesn’t need to be a romantic one, I have an equally strong relationship with my other business partner. One we celebrate regularly. May this post be a reminder to share with those you work with, how much you appreciate them.

What do you enjoy about where you work? Have you worked or do you work with your partner?

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