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11 On Trend Wallpaper Designs

I am crushing super hard on wallpaper at the moment, and while I don’t have the wall space for it in my home, it is an often requested item when creating mood boards. Which is code for needing to stay on top of the trends 🙂 or shopping!! Here are 11 on trend wallpaper designs I am loving right now!

11 On Trend Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper can be used in any room of the home. I prefer to use wallpaper as a feature in one or two rooms in a home, rather than various different types used throughout the home. Wallpaper can make a powerful statement or add a subtle highlight depending on your interior decor style.


11 on trend wallpaper desings

Think Noir Wallpaper

What is not to love about this soft marble design. I would use this in a bedroom, a lounge a feature in a shelving unit. It’s just beautiful.

11 on trend wallpaper designs

The Team at Highgate House really know how to bring a room together and not shy of using beautiful wallpaper to provide some impact!

11 on trend wallpaper designs

So this Catherine Martin wallpaper design from Porter’s Paints right here in Brisbane, had me jumping around the kitchen. It is spectacular!!! and fits perfectly in this list of 11 on trend wallpaper designs. Wow!

11 on trend wallpaper designs

Cole & Son is the perfect wallpaper manufacturer for a classic and timeless wallpaper. This design also available from Porter’s Paints, would be spectacular in a boys room or play space. I love it!


11 on trend wallpaper designs

If a pretty floral is right for your decor style, I don’t think you can go past Designers Guild for choice. Delicate and luxurious, the perfect floral choice!


11 on trend wallpaper designs

I am a sucker for texture. I find it impossible not to run my hands over any surface with texture, such is its appeal. Grasscloth wallpaper is a gorgeous way to add texture to a room. This deep navy colour from Porter’s is simple perfection.

11 on trend wallpaper designs

If you are looking for something a little different, you have to check out Christian Lacorix’s range of wallpapers, available at Porter’s Paints and Radford.

11 on trend wallpaper designs

If you are a fan of big, bold, flashy interiors then Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design is for you, and the range of wallpapers do not disappoint.

11 on trend wallpaper designs

For a bold but intricate wallpaper design try Bethany Linz, I’ve seen many replications of this design, but none hold the intricate design of this.

11 on trend wallpaper designs

Geometric wallpaper designs are always on trend, just like this gorgeous example from Think Noir over on Etsy.


11 on trend wallpaper designs

My prediction to round out the 11 On Trend Wallpaper Designs for the end of 2018 running right through to 2019 is marble look wallpaper. This style from Silk Interiors is bang on trend.

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add texture and design to your home interior and with so many quality choices, I’m sure you can find what suits your home decor.

Have you used wallpaper as a design tool? Did you Grandparents have wallpaper in their home?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Some of these are just exquisite! I think you need a big room or high ceilings for bold or really patterned wallpaper so I don’t think it would work in our place. British people love a good wallpaper situation and growing up we had some really fabulous designs. I’ll never forget the William Morris paper my mum had, we had a brown/orange version in the kitchen and a green/pink version of the same design in my mum’s room! That design is probably all back in fashion now! My mum is still the Queen of Wallpaper, I bet she’d go mad for some of these exquisite designs!

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