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11 Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I have a gift buying guide for you today, with 11 last minute ideas, knowing how busy we can all be, all of these gifts can be purchased or booked online or picked up from a local shop with plenty of time to spare. Based around the tradie or DIY Mum, I would personally be happy to receive any of these on the list!

11 Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Adding new life to an old piece of furniture can be really rewarding. Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan is one of the most popular paints to use for this, and with stockists in numerous locations around the country this is a great present to spoil Mum with for her next DIY project. There are tutorials on her website which are very informative if Mum needs any tips.


For the DIY Mum who has it all, you can’t go wrong with a Bunnings Voucher. You can either purchase an eGift Card online which is then emailed to you or Mum, or their Gift Cards are sold in numerous retail outlets such as Woolworths and Big W.


She Skills runs workshops designed for women by women, providing practical life skills. They are based in Salisbury which is 12km from Brisbane City. Why not book Mum into one of their workshops? And Daughters – what a fun activity to share with Mum, something she will treasure I’m sure.


What better for the DIY/tradie Mum than her own tool kit? These kits from Super Cheap Auto are a fun idea.


Maybe Mum would like to do a woodwork course to create her own masterpiece. Handkrafted.com have a list of different trainers across the country who run various woodworking courses. Find someone local and book Mum in!


When you think about it, the hands of a tradie/DIY Mum are amongst the hardest working and possibly the least cared for. This shea butter hand cream from L’Occitane is simply divine and will soften even the roughest hands. If you cannot find a L’Occitane shop near by, and left it too late for an online order, handcreams can also be found in the supermarket or the pharmacy.


What about a home improvement magazine subscription for Mum. This is a great way to force her to take the time to make a cuppa and sit down for some well deserved ‘Mum’ time, along with providing great inspiration for around the home. Magshop have a broad range of home improvement magazines, or isubscribe have some industry and trade magazines that she might be interested in.


These herb pots from Bunnings are perfect for those who have a smaller budget and are a great idea to inspire Mum to plant some herbs.


Chances are, if you have a tradie/DIY mum then she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty! A pottery class is an ideal way of relaxed therapy for Mum whilst creating something totally unique and special. There are numerous places Australia Wide that run these courses. Locally, Turning Earth Ceramics run courses in Ipswich QLD, Oxide Clay Art have classes in Indooroopilly, and Mudlarks have classes in Ashgrove just to name a few. A quick google search will reveal many options in your local area.


For the Mum that is out and about, Shop Naturally have a large selection of insulated travel mugs/flasks that cater for both tea and coffee drinkers. These are fantastic for the Mums that are out and about.

Breakfast In Bed with A Foot Rub

Left it right to the last minute? Short on cash? Nothing beats breakfast in bed and a foot rub! All Mums deserve to be spoilt and for me, that is exactly what Mothers Day is all about, the opportunity to relax and have someone else think about the day to day things, much better than fancy presents for me.

I hope that all our Mums have a lovely Mothers Day.

What will you be getting your Mum? Do you like breakfast in bed, or do the crumbs drive you mad? What is on your list for Mothers Day?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I love the pink toolkit and the she skills workshops – what a great idea! This year, I’m travelling around the globe to give my mum me this Mother’s Day (albeit 10 days late.) There are some things that money just can’t buy! LOL!

    1. Hugs from a daughter to a mother are a priceless mothers day gift. How very special! xx

  2. I like the sound of the woodwork course and breakfast in bed with a foot rub, well maybe just a cup tea and the foot rub so no crumbs!!

    1. I’m not a fan of crumbs, but love the idea of lounging in bed until breakfast is ready ? xx

  3. How cool is the pink toolkit. My fav colour so an easy one for me. We don’t do pressies in our house, just breakie or lunch with family. Takes the pressure off #teamIBOT

    1. Great idea! I’m all for a no pressure mothers day. xx

  4. Great ideas!

    1. Thank you ?

  5. Mum is getting a charm bracelet, I would love more charms for mine and crumbs in bed do drive me mad!

    1. Lovely! Crumbs send me crazy too! xx

  6. Awesome ideas.

    1. Thank you Sarah.

  7. I found a prezzie for my MIL on the weekend. I never give normal presents. Hers cost $3 in an op shop but I’m confident she’ll get a good laugh out of it.

    1. As long as the recipient is happy/grateful then the cost is not important. My favourite gifts are the one my kids make me with love xx

  8. The magazine subscription’s a good idea. I’ve no idea what to buy for my mum at this stage…. but a magazine she likes might be the go!

    1. When writing this, I realized it was the perfect gift for my Nan too!

  9. I want to check out those pottery classes. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing since falling in love with some handmade pottery vases which I’d love to make myself. ?

    1. I love the sound of them, thought have never been a big fan of pottery. I love the way the clay feels in your hands though and the power of creating something yourself. xx

  10. Not a fan of breakfast in bed at all! Actually I’m not too bothered by Mothers Day. I’ve asked for a new pair of boots this year and if I get them I’ll be stoked. ?
    Hope you have a great day Nicole!

    1. Thank you Jess, I hope yours is wonderful! Mother’s day is not a huge thing here either. I love the opportunity to spend the day with my kids, without the distraction of sport and our busy lives. xx

  11. Great selection, Nicole. I have bought my mum a Dior lipstick and the girls decorated a mug for her. I’m a little lost with my mum in law though. I like the magazine subscription idea. Have a lovely day this weekend.

    1. Gorgeous gifts for your Mum Renee. Mum in laws can be difficult to buy for xx

  12. Magazine subscriptions are my favourite, and that’s exactly what I’m doing for mum this year. A years worth of gardening magazines!

    1. Going to organise a subscription for my Nan too. Great gift that keeps on giving xx

  13. Oooh I love those herb pots! I want some! Our new house has a window sill in the kitchen that gets the morning sun, and I’m planning to put some herbs there, they would be perfect.

    1. Sounds like the perfect spot! I would love a herb window in my kitchen. My Dad has one, and it’s superb!

  14. How cute is that tool kit!

    1. Super cute! xx

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