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101 Things Better Than Renovating - The Builder's Wife

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101 Things Better Than Renovating

101 Things Better Than Renovating

I know I should be all about telling you how awesome renovating is, but I have to be honest, there are days when it’s just horrible. I have come up with this handy guide of 101 things better than renovating to get you through πŸ™‚


  1. Gardening
  2. Doing the washing
  3. Patting the dog
  4. Going on holiday
  5. Having your nails done
  6. Watching the grass grow
  7. Taking a nap
  8. Going for a walk
  9. Giving your kids a hug
  10. Reading a book
  11. Doing the dishes
  12. Playing with the kids
  13. Sticking pins in your eye **Not recommended, but guaranteed to be more fun than renovating some days πŸ™‚
  14. Having a coffee with a friend
  15. Playing a board game
  16. Sending emails
  17. Drinking a bottle of wine, or 2 **Especially helpful while renovating!
  18. Writing a list
  19. Shopping for new swimmers
  20. Taking a holiday
  21. Crafting with kids
  22. Polishing your shoes
  23. Watching paint dry
  24. Running a marathon
  25. Watching a football game **Goodness, getting desperate here!
  26. Learning a language
  27. Skipping around the block
  28. Grocery shopping
  29. Cleaning your teenagers wardrobe
  30. Cuddling the cat
  31. Ironing
  32. Making school lunches
  33. Washing windows
  34. Paying the bills
  35. Working
  36. Spending time with those relatives you don’t really like
  37. Reading a magazine
  38. Cooking dinner
  39. Filing
  40. Scrapbooking
  41. Paperwork
  42. Trimming the hedges
  43. Cutting the kids fingernails
  44. Giving yourself a pedicure
  45. Reading the local newspaper
  46. Wrapping Christmas presents
  47. Working in the school tuckshop
  48. Cleaning the gutters
  49. Scratching your head
  50. Having a cup of tea
  51. Watching a cricket game **Woah, that’s getting to the next level!
  52. Putting away the Christmas Decorations
  53. Polishing the Silver
  54. Catching up with your friends for a drink
  55. Going out to dinner
  56. Sorting through your Winter woolies
  57. Getting the nits out of your kids hair!
  58. Washing the dog
  59. Baking
  60. Catching up with relatives you do like
  61. Going out for breakfast
  62. Reading a good book from the library
  63. Fishing
  64. Wine
  65. Wine
  66. Beer
  67. Beer **You are going to need all of this to get through!
  68. Dinner date
  69. Massage
  70. Hair cut
  71. Washing the car
  72. Sleeping
  73. Reading a blog
  74. Writing a letter
  75. Watching Netflix
  76. Sipping cocktails by the pool
  77. Snorkling
  78. Covering school books **Even though this is one of my most hated jobs, this will still be better than renovating will be on some days
  79. Browsing Pinterest
  80. Hearding catsΒ  **Just checking in to see if your still reading πŸ™‚
  81. Walking through a bindi patch
  82. Weeding
  83. Cocktails
  84. Cleaning the bathroom that belongs to 3 teenage boys
  85. Washing the house
  86. Listening to your favourite playlist
  87. Attending bootcamp
  88. Cleaning the airconditioners
  89. Lunch date
  90. Making a video
  91. Coffee with friends
  92. Baking a cake
  93. Doing your BAS or Tax
  94. Sharpening your knives
  95. Changing the sheets
  96. Watching kids tv
  97. Reading a newspaper
  98. Going involved in an online debate sharing a conflicting view point
  99. Cleaning the cat litter tray
  100. Watching renovation shows
  101. Pretty well anything!

There will be some days when you are renovating that will be the worst days you’ll remember. Fortunately these will be few and far between and by the end of the process you will be so happy with the outcome, that those difficult days will be distant memory. In the meantime, when those difficult days do come up, try selecting a few things from the list, if nothing else you’ll be sure to be thinking about something else.

Have you renovated before? What did you find most challenging?

Nicole xxx

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  1. loving this list Nic!

    1. I loved writing it! xx

  2. What a list! I think I’ll go for the beer/wine/cocktail combo with a side of patting the dog!

    1. I could have picked that a mile off! xx

  3. Strewth! You did well…I hear you about renovating. However, I have only lived through small scale..our kitchen completely re-done by hub. It took about 3 months and I learned to live with it. Then as we were also going to be selling the house with the NEW kitchen as a feature, I didn’t really get to benefit from it. As potential home owners again a part of me wants brand new where hub can add things like wardrobe fitouts etc rather than live through painting, repairing, replacing and all that. We are in our late 60s now and whilst he has awesome skills..it IS tiring work! Lovely to comment here again Nic. Have a great Christmas…and a restful one if possible. Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Renovating a kitchen is hard core Denyse, well done to both you and your hubby! It is very exhausting! Thank you for dropping by Denyse, have a wonderful Christmas and new year xx

  4. Hahaha! Yes. I like renovating other peoples homes, not my own!

    1. Yes, YES!!!

  5. Haha I never want to renovate! I just don’t have enough interest in it to do a good job. i’m not sure I’d choose cricket over renovating though…

    1. That’s just a testament to how much I hate renovating! Well my house anyway πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know… scrapbooking is a big call to be better than renovating. LOL

    1. I agree! xx

  7. 101, yep, that about sums it up, lol! Great list! I have never renovated my own house, but I lived with a mother who had renovation in her genes (thanks Grandmother who renovated her house on the weekly while my Mum was growing up) and I never knew if I would come back to everything torn apart or not whenever I went away. I once came home, through the downstairs door, and looked up through a giant hole in the roof, which was actually the floor of my bedroom, in to my bedroom! Needless to say I left a note for Mum telling her to give me a call when she had put everything back to together and I would come home then, lol! She’d decided it was time to get rid of the step that ran the length of my room thanks to where the old garage door used to sit when downstairs was still a garage. After pulling up the boards and things she told my Grandfather (who was helping) to only step on the beams, as the gyprock that made up the downstairs ceiling wouldn’t support his weight, and of course Grandpa forgot and fell through! Thankfully he managed to stop himself falling all the way through, but he had to stay there dangling until my Mum came back from getting stuff for lunch down the street. So living with that has made me a little wary of renovating my own house. It’s why I think I’d rather do a knock-down/rebuild and live somewhere else all together while it’s happening!

    Have a fabulous Christmas, Nicole, and thank you for being part of IBOT this year xx

    1. That is the best story Kylie! Thank you for hosting Kylie, may your Christmas break be a relaxing one xx

  8. Our house building and renovation chat would get quite animated after a much needed bottle of wine πŸ™‚ Great list!

    1. Very true Renee! xx

  9. We always buy houses that need renovation! _ but never buy them intentionally to renovate. The position, or location etc just seems better than the newer or renovated homes. I have done 4 kitchens, 6 bathrooms , 2 large add on, a swimming pool, 3 landscaping jobs. Gosh Im a bit surprised at how much I have done or overseen. We are moving interstate in the New Year and despite the fact Id love to buy a renovated home , sydney house prices will mean more reno. Im actually over it too and anything on the 101 list looks good.

    1. I agree Angela, buying a home that needs renovating often means more ticks in the important boxes like location, etc. What a wealth of experience you have! Kitchens are hard core, the most difficult to live through I think. Best of luck with your move next year, I could very easily live in Sydney. Such a great City. xx

  10. Lol.. noticed wine in there a few times xπŸ˜‚

    1. Perhaps if I were to drink more wine during renovating, I wouldn’t dislike it so much xx πŸ™‚

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