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Women In Construction – Finding My Worth

Women In Construction – Finding My Worth

The beginning of my career in construction, began in an almost stereotypical way. I married a builder, and took on the role of data entry. It was in deciding to give up my ‘other’ job, that created the opportunity for me to find my worth, within this seemingly unforgiving industry.

Women in Construction Findh My Worth

Women In Construction – Finding My Worth

After having children, and going back to work in pharmacy, work became my life. I was extremely fortunate to be given the position of store manager, and allowed this opportunity to consume my life. My identity was my work, I became my work. I would happily work 50-60 hours a week, though finding any kind of balance with family was nearly impossible, I loved what I did.

Bringing that enthusiasm to the construction industry was always going to be a challenge for me, however I am not content with becoming a number and swimming with the crowd.

Finding how to create a career within such a male dominated industry, without following a stereotypical role was a challenge in it’s self! It started with making a list, a list of what I was good at, what I wasn’t so good at, and then working with the builder to see where we could match the list to what our business needed.

From there it took a great deal of courage to step well outside my comfort zone, and give it a try. I am fortunate to have always been well supported by The Builder, but navigating those early days was difficult for us both.

Trying to have some sort of authority when you don’t really know why steel placement or concrete vibration matter, is a really complex path.

This is why having a team around us, who also believe in our journey and share our vision for our company, was and is so important. When you can trust in your team, you can allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to ask questions and seek knowledge.

Finding my path in our business and carving out an identity within our industry has been a challenging adventure to go on. The reward for me of breaking away from the stereotypical role, and creating what I consider to be a fulfilling career is exactly that, creating an exciting and fulfilling career.

I would love to hear how you have managed, when needing to define a role for yourself. Was it difficult? What sort of challenges did you come across?

Nicole xxx

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