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What is a Builders Clean?

What is a Builders Clean?

There is a big difference to the builders clean done at the end of a job, compared to a cleaners clean when cleaning your home on a regular basis. Building is a messy job, at the end of the building process, a clean is required to make your new home, extension or renovation presentable. But that is where the confusion sets in, a builder’s clean is a very basic clean.


So what should you expect with your builder’s clean?

  1. The site should be clean and clear of building debris, this means no building materials left laying around except by previous arrangement with the owner and builder. Rubbish is to be taken away and an overall rake up of debris is to take place.
  2. Floors, including the tiles in wet areas should be vacuumed and mopped where appropriate. Often floor covers come at a later date, if this is the case the builder is responsible for vacuuming or sweeping the concrete floor.
  3. Shelves and surfaces are to be wiped over. This includes wiping out cupboards, wiping over the bathroom and laundry cabinets. It is important to note, with any new building works, dust will settle and continue to settle for some time after construction is completed. If your clean was not done on the same day as handover, you can expect there to be some dust that will settle.
  4. Fans and light fittings, should be wiped over. They really shouldn’t require anymore than this, as they are new, however as above it is common for dust to settle on these items for some time after construction is completed.
  5. Windows and mirrors should be cleaned, this includes a vacuum out of the window tracks (not a thorough clean out with a wet cloth though)
  6. In some cases in a new build only, fascias and gutters will also be wiped down.

That is all that is required. All builders will have their own understanding of what these guidelines mean for them, as everything is open for interpretation. Don’t be afraid to discuss your builders clean with your builder, if you are disappointed with the quality of the clean prior to hand over. It is important to understand that the house needs only to be presented as clean, not the kind of clean we might see in a display home, but free of building paraphernalia.

Is a builders clean what you expected? Have you previously been disappointed by the quality of a builders clean?

Nicole xxx

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  1. At the end of all of major projects i always allow for a builders clean, my customers have never been dispointed, more so blown away!

    1. It really isn’t hard to do it right is it. 🙂

  2. I totally need this! Our house is (fingers crossed) just two weeks from being finished and is in serious need of an industrial style clean. I thought a builders clean would be a bit more thorough than what you explained but now I know to set my expectations 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Any builder worth his/her weight, will make your house sparkle, however the industry standard is just that, very standard. Best to go in with lower expectations and hope to be surprised. xx

  3. Builders clean is always a part of my construction cleaning services. It is often completed in preparation for a sparkle clean. Thanks!

  4. A builders clean sounds simple when put into words but in practice it is actually extremely labour intensive to do PROPERLY! In our company, we clean every single surface of the house of the house by hand, TWICE! This process is crucial to remove all the potentially toxic substances and residue left over from the building process (paint, mortar, gyprock, concrete, saw dust etc). And don’t forget all the windows which take just as long if not longer.
    A lot of times builders try to cut costs by doing it themselves or getting unskilled labourers to do it and homeowners end up calling us in to clean up the mess because they certainly don’t want their kids breathing in the stuff 24hrs a day. Do you think the homeowner is still going to refer the builder to their friends?
    Worse still, a lot of builders will actually spend a whole year on their project only to ruin it by using inexperienced cheap builder cleaners which cause problems like scratching all the stainless steel or use harsh chemicals on marble tiles because they don’t know any better.
    As usual, it’s the simplest things which are hardest to get right!

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