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Un-Christmasing Pen Y Llechwedd

There is no denying that Christmas is my most favourite time of year, that said like all good things, it must come to an end. There is joy in this end, as I am reminded of all the features I love in our gorgeous home. We have space again to enjoy the simplicity of it’s beauty.

I love to have the space back again, so that the feature in the room is her natural beauty instead of our lovely tree.

Space to stretch out on the window seats and read a book.

Enjoying the furniture in our home, instead of watching the pretty Christmas lights twinkle.

Most of all, I love the clean lines of the outside of our home. Taking down the Christmas lights brings back the magic I feel every day. That said, having Christmas lights on the outside of our home, introduces the magic of it to so many others, as they slow down to observe the lights.

For me, stripping her back to how we usually see her, is the blessing to the end of the Christmas season.

How do you feel about Christmas ending? Is your tree packed away yet?

Nicole xxx

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