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The Team Behind The Builder’s Wife

The Team Behind The Builder’s Wife

Recently when posting a photo of our home, I was sent a few emails criticising me for the way my house is kept, yep, you heard that right, criticising me for the way my house is kept. I was really upset in the moment, like I had done something to make someone feel less than themselves, which is never my intention, my whole life is committed to helping others, especially women, to feel empowered. On this day, International Womens Day, I wanted to share the team I have behind me, helping me to create The Builder’s Wife. I do not do all I do on my own, nor have I ever hidden that fact. So today I would like to share my team, in the hope of showing you I am a strong woman who relies on the help of others to get me through.


The Team Behind The Builder’s Wife

Genevieve Our Cleaner

Genevieve has been with us for at least 5 years, she knows our family like the back of her hand. I have had cleaners for as long as I can remember, in fact I think any family where both parties are working should have a cleaner. Not only does it get the job done, it helps with the equality in our home. Having Genevieve come to our home weekly means we are not fighting over who’s turn it is to do the cleaning, or the ironing. Initially Gena came fortnightly, and did the bathrooms, floors and kitchen. Recently, as my work load began to expand, we increased her time her to weekly. One week a fortnight for 6-8 hours and the other for 3-5 depending on how much ironing we have built up.

I simply could not work on as many projects as I do without her, she is the grease that keeps our family running. I work very hard and believe in sharing where I can, in doing this not only is Gena helping our family, we help her by providing her a well paid and regular job.

Paul Our Gardener

Paul only joined our family last month,he is a gem in the garden, and with so much yard and 4 kids playing sport all weekend, I needed some help to get the weeds under control. Paul will be joining us monthly for some maintenance and will help on a few bigger projects as the time comes around. The 2 elder boys still mow the lawn and The Builder and I tidy the hedges and play with planting etc on a fortnightly basis, because we love it!

Gabi Our Bookkeepper

Gabi has also been with us for the last 5 years. Gabi is responsible for the BAS each quarter. I HATE PAPERWORK, but Gabi loves it! Perfect compromise for us, I can handle the data entry, and Gabi is happy to do the more involved stuff. This frees me up to do the one hundred other jobs in the business that need to be done. We are in the process of discussing hiring a school mum to come in and help us with the data entry as we are starting to get so busy even this is becoming a struggle. I am happy to share the load with this kind of work, I feel stifled in the office, I need to be more creative than paperwork will allow me to be.

Miss 19

Miss 19 is awaiting her acceptance into the Queensland Police Force, while she undertakes the process of the application, she is only working part time. Part time work does not provide much money for a 19 year old, who is expected to pay her own way in life. Once she finished school, it was our expectation as a family that Miss 19 begin to pay board, we also expect all our children to purchase their own cars and pay the running costs. Money was a little short each week for Miss 19, and as I was so often running out of time, we negotiated a deal in which she would do our weekly baking, vacuum the floors twice weekly, and hang out the washing whenever she is home. For this, she no longer needs to pay board, a perfect compromise for us all.


Master 11, Miss 13, Master 13 and Master 14

Our kids are really helpful, they all understand how much work it takes to run a large family and all pitch in to help cook dinner, or hang our washing, feed the animals or just about anything else we need done. Each of our kids are heavily involved in sport, this takes a LOT of time and a big commitment from The Builder and I to ensure they get where they need, when they need, in order for this to happen the kids need to help.

We have times, when like any other teenagers they hate helping but for the most part, each of us understands our roles in the family.

The Builder

I could not work without the help of The Builder, as busy as he is, without his support, I simply could not get much done. From helping with the washing or the shopping to cooking dinner, he is as invested in our family as I am. We work together as a team to keep our family running as smoothly as possible.

I am blessed to have a large team behind me, please know that yes my house is always clean, and after long thought, I am more than OK with that. I am also OK with however you chose to keep your home, you live there I don’t. I don’t do this alone, I have much help, and am also OK with that. I hope that The Builder’s Wife community is one of support and understanding, one in which we are here to build each other up, not find fault or be offended by the position of another.

Who’s got your back? How big is your team?

Nicole xxx

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