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The Builder’s Wife DIY Christmas Tree

The Builder’s Wife DIY Christmas Tree

Having a builder for a husband gives us a unique opportunity to do many things that others wouldn’t, like never finishing our renovation. 🙂 It also gave us the opportunity to dream up, design and build our first Christmas tree that very first year we were together as a step family, 6 years ago now. Despite having a builder handy, this tree is so simple that with some supervision, the children make it most years.


The Builder’s Wife DIY Christmas Tree Part One

Materials needed.

3 x 2.4m 70×35 Non-structural Pine Framing

Cut into the following lengths,

Piece one cut: 2 @ 700mm (Feet)

Piece one cut: 2 @ 200mm (Feet)

Piece one cut: 1 @ 50mm (Top arms )

Piece one cut: 1 @ 80mm (Top arms)

Piece one cut: 1 @ 200mm (Top arms)

Piece two cut: 1 @ 1m (lower arms)

Piece two cut: 2 @ 465mm (lower arms)

Third piece: 1 @ 2080 at one end of this piece cut angles to add to the tip of the tree effect (mast of tree)

cup hooks

soft wire

Tools needed.

  • Power saw or hand saw
  • Drill or hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Brush


Step one;

Screw together feet pieces as shown.


Step two;

Screw the mast to the feet assembly as shown and stand vertical, as above.

Step three;

Screw the lower arms into position as shown


Step four;

Screw the top arms into position as shown


Step five;

Cut enough wire to loop around the outer edge of the lower arms, and fix to the lower arms with cup hooks.


Step six;

Repeat the same process for the upper arms

Step seven;

Paint to whatever colour you wish, we’ve had white trees, a green tree and a brown tree, all have looked great especially once decorated.


It really does not matter how rough your tree is, this one we have had for a few years now, it even moved with us twice. It’s rough finish adds to it appeal. Next week I will take you through the decorating process. It’s much excitement and happiness when it the Christmas tree begins in our home.

Do you have a unique Christmas tree? Are you a Christmas crafter?

Nicole xxx


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