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Stress – A Very Personal Post

Stress – A Very Personal Post

I have no doubt it will not surprise you that we are under a lot of stress. What might surprise you is just how much we are juggling. Between selling the house, finding another, running a business that is undergoing a massive change, children, step children, and launching new business ventures, we are at our maximum capacity, and I’ve really only scratched the surface of what is really going on.

What I hadn’t realised until last week, was the effect it is having on our lives. Not only is our health suffering, but so are our social lives. We don’t sleep, we have become antisocial. We hide out at home with only one another to talk to.

These are choices we have actively made, simply because there is so much stress each and every day! We have found ourselves in a very vulnerable position and we have felt we only had one another for support, in which depression and anxiety are running rife.


Last week changed this. It started with a long overdue catch up with a dear friend, tears, many tears and a new choice, a choice for it to change. It started with a yoga class for me, the only exercise my body will currently tolerate, because stress. A Crossfit class for The Builder because he needs to get his crap out, because stress and a catch up for us both with a dear colleague.

Stress is responsible for me eating crap, not exercising, becoming anti-social, stopping me from making decisions, drinking often and not sleeping well.

But stress is also something we choose.

Now that sentence is the life changer. Stress is something we choose. We choose to aim to become bigger within our company, we choose to have an expensive house, a busy life, business stress, financial stress and family stress.

It’s time for a new choice. A choice to put ourselves first, to take a simpler road and have a less busy life, because stress, it’s killing us.

Is it killing you too? Are you striving for things that are not necessary? Are you trying to impress people that don’t care? Are you making choices every day that will only compound the stress you already have?

Why are we conditioned to think we need the biggest, the brightest, the fastest and the best? What is wrong with normal?

That is the crux of the choice we are on the precipice of making, to choose what we perceive to be a normal life. A whole lot slower, a whole lot less busy, still productive and above all contributing to those around us in a positive manner, but without all the stuff, the bigger, brighter, faster, best stuff that has been holding us back from living a full life.

Things will be changing here on the blog, as they will in every other area of our lives, but for us it will be positive change. I am exciting about what this will mean for our family.

I feel we had to get to this time of enormous stress, in order for us to see what needed to change. It is a blessing very much in disguise.

Are you striving for things that don’t really matter? Have you been caught up in the game that life sometimes plays?

Nicole xxx



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