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Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions

Each year, in the very begining, I take some time to set my intentions for the year to come. I found that making resolutions did not work for me, it always seemed like so much pressure to live under. So in 2013 we changed this and set our intentions for how we wished our lives to look in 12 months from now.

This involves 2 processes for us, a book filled with my own written words describing how I feel, and an inspiration board filled with images of the things I wish for.

My book is a special book that I keep only for myself. I allow myself a full day to dream and get excited about what the different aspects of my life look like, before I then write them all down in detail. I then read through this book, whenever I feel I need to refocus, sometimes this is daily, but usually weekly or monthly. This really helped last year and in reading over last year’s intentions, I am just about exactly where I thought I would be.

The idea of the inspiration board is a tool we use both personally, within our family and for our business. This year we have set ourselves some pretty high goals for our business, and looking at these images is a great way to remind us daily where we are heading.

This year my inspiration board includes a great deal about improving myself. Here are some of the images I am using to inspire me.


Image Source

Up until our move last year, Adam and I had been eating a mostly Paleo diet, with wonderful results, I have never felt better. This year I intend on returning to this way of healthy living.


Image Source

2015 is the year of empowerment for me. It’s about feeling fit and healthy.


Image Source

This year I will be strong, I will be brave, I will be kinder, I will be unstoppable. I am fierce!


Image Source

I intend on working very hard on my blog, with the hope of being recognised for that work. I love my little blog and the community that is growing here.


Image Source

I look forward to strenthening friendships in 2015, and spending more time with family and friends.


Image Source

Adam and I are aiming to have a holiday for just the 2 of us this year. I love the beach, but I also love the snow, so the options of where to go are endless, and we will love dreaming about where to go.

2015 looks to be another busy year for us, a real opportunity for us to settle into our gorgeous home, and to share our journey with your our friends.

Have you set your intentions, or made resolutions for this new year?

Nicole xxx


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