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My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish

I had a very long Christmas list this year it started with world peace, while this is still on the very top of my list, I understand I am extremely unlikely to receive this blessing. So I have revised my list, to wish that those in war torn countries, have a safe Christmas day. I beg of the Universe to give us one day of peace, one day without terror, one day of rest, one day of compassion, one day of caring.


I guess in some ways it is naive of me to think this could actually happen, but what I can do, as one single person, is spend part of my Christmas day educating my children on how to have peace where we are. To teach them to forgive and to be tolerant. To teach them to love and be loved. To teach them how fortunate we are. To teach them that even one person can make a difference. To teach them to seek answers and to want to learn. To teach them to be generous of heart, to be kind and considerate to others and also themselves.

Most of all I’d like to teach each of our 5 kids to be grateful for what they have, for who they are, for the people they have in their lives, for the situations they face, for life.

That is my Christmas wish list for this year. What is on yours?

Nicole xxx

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