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How Much Information is Too Much For Your Builder?

How Much Information is Too Much For Your Builder?

I was recently contacted by a client of another builder who was worried about the builders reaction to some information they had provided. This lady was concerned she has overstepped the boundary and was questioning how much information was too much to give. It prompted a great conversation between The Builder and I about understanding clients needs. Let me share a little.

When I first started working with The Builder, there was a fair amount of dissatisfaction around clients being heavily involved in their building process. There was fear around this making the process more difficult for the tradespeople or builder, and a large part was not ever having the perspective of being a client.


Most tradespeople have not been clients in the traditional sense. More often than not, tradespeople have mates that will help them with a job and therefor do not have that perspective in mind when understanding the clients needs. Having been a client of a builder prior to meeting my builder, I have been able to bring that perspective into our business, and help to cut away the fear around allowing clients to be as involved as they like.

Clients are investing a lot of money and trust into their chosen builder or tradesperson. They are trusting the the builder understands their dreams and is able to turn that understanding into exactly what is expected, but that in itself is the most difficult job of all.


This is where client interaction is of the upmost importance. I firmly believe that you cannot give too much information, and the information you do give is paramount to the builder or tradesperson meeting your expectations. The best advice I can give, is to be comfortable with the level of communication you are able to have with your builder or tradesperson before you sign the contract. This will enable your needs to be sufficiently meet during the building process.

Not all of us require large amounts of communication, but if you do, you will need to ensure your builder or tradesperson is able to meet that need. In short, give all the information you wish to, while it will not guarantee perfection, it will get you a great deal closer.

Are you big on communicating? What is your chosen way to communicate? Do you write letters anymore?

Nicole xxx

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