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Inspiring Instagram Accounts

Inspiring Instagram Accounts

I love Instagram, it’s my online happy place. I find it to be the most positive of all social media and spend a great deal of time finding my inspiration there. It might surprise you to know that I don’t only follow home and interior accounts, but a wide variety of accounts that encompass all types of inspiration for my life. Some accounts are huge with many thousands of followers, others are small with only a few hundred, but each account that I follow, is because I find some inspiration there. Come and see my top 5 inspiring Instagram accounts for January.

5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts To Follow



Hannah happens to be the photographer who photographed our home for Queensland Homes at the end of 2016. She has the most remarkable insta feed, with gems like those above. Hannah’s feed to full of all things beautiful, not just homes, but also the simple things in life. She has a unique gift to show the beauty in the every day.



While only a recent find, The Pillow Slip Store is a gorgeous feed of not only pillow slips but house appreciation posts. Cheree has the most gorgeous girls, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them all enjoy the beach over the Summer holidays.



Melbourne based interior stylist and decorator Linda, is renovating her home in the classic Hamptons style, so you can see why we are a natural fit! A gorgeous feed, with plenty of inspiration.



Skin Boss is the passion project of my good friend Kirsten of Kirsten and Co fame. These oils are not only amazing on the skin, but have worked perfectly as an inspiring Instagram feed, with branding on point! I adore the colours and how Kirsten has worked those colours into every aspect of her feed. If you haven’t discovered Skin Boss, now is the time to check it out!



A post shared by Kate Wright (@inspiredmood) on

A post shared by Kate Wright (@inspiredmood) on

A post shared by Kate Wright (@inspiredmood) on

Working from home means I don’t have the opportunity to lunch box stalk my work mates lunch boxes for inspiration, instead when I’m not feeling the clean eating vibe, I head on over to Kate’s feed to remind me what my lunch should look like. If you are looking for inspiration to keep your eating on the straight and narrow, this insta account is the one for you!

Of course if you are looking for a daily dose of my own life, check out my feed here.

Do you follow any of the above accounts? Would you like me to check out yours? Drop your insta handle in the comments below!

Nicole xxx

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