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Entry Styling-Inspired Space

Entry Styling-Inspired Space

With a pause in the football season, Adam has found himself with a paintbrush in hand, each time he has a little down time. Inspired by a recent visit from our wonderful interior designer, Angela, we’re changing things up a bit. Here is a little snippet of our motivation, with the reveal of our new entry way to come in the next few weeks.


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You guessed it, we’ve gone dark, and we love it. So stately and grand, welcoming and comfortable. I can’t wait to share, once I find the right piece of furniture to use in the space, we will be ready for reveal.

What do you think of the darker colours? Have you used darker colours in your home?

Nicole xxx

All images sourced via Pinterest.

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  1. I just hung some canvas prints in our entry hallway and it has me itching to decorate it a little more. This post is pretty much EXACTLY what I needed to continue my obsession with all things entries and Pinterest. 😉

    1. I have to go into Pinterest rehab sometimes. I can start the day on Pinterest and before I know it, it’s time for dinner to be cooked xx

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