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My Daily Gratefuls

My Daily Gratefuls

Each day I am reminded of just how much there is to be grateful for in each day. This is some of what I was thankful for this week.


I am really grateful for any time I get to spend with my children, especially as they are growing.


A sneaky Monday night wine with the neighbour, is a wonderful way to start the week.


On the theme of wine, a champagne breakfast for a neighbour, is something to be truly grateful for. Who knew this was a thing?!? A tradition definitely worth keeping up.


Most of all this week, I was reminded how lucky we are as Australians, on a daily basis. Horrible things happen, like the Sydney Siege, but as a nation, we rally, are enthused by the bravery of others, and we look to our future. Our freedom is worth celebrating and giving thanks for on a daily basis.

This is just a few of the things I felt grateful for this week. What are you grateful for today? Please join me on Instagram using the hash tag #mydailygratefuls and let me know what you are grateful for.

Nicole xxx

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