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Creating Our Master Bedroom Sanctuary

Creating Our Master Bedroom Sanctuary

I don’t think I have ever blogged about our master bedroom and what it was we were trying to create when completing this room. I certainly have shared many, many photos of our master bedroom, and it’s ensuite but today I would like to share with you, where our bits and pieces came from, and why we did what we did.

Creating Our Master Bedroom Sanctuary

Sleep is really important to us, while I don’t sleep for a particularly long time, the Builder needs a lot of sleep to keep his body strong for work. The physical demands of such a physical job can be overwhelming if not taking the time to rest well, so when planning our master bedroom, it was a sanctuary we wanted to have. Somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of our lives from.

The first choice for us, was the paint colour. I don’t mind telling you this was the most difficult choice of all, and can further share, initially we used the same colour in all the upstairs rooms in our house, but have since changed most of them, it just wasn’t right. In the bedroom though, it is perfection for us.

The colour is called “From Dusk Till Dawn” and was a Resene colour. We have white gloss trims, and builders white on the pressed metal ceiling. This colour is so soothing and calming, it is perfect for helping us to relax.

Next up was the bed head. A contact we had at the time, was kind enough to help us have our bedhead custom made. The beautiful silk fabric was sourced through the same contact, to give the bedhead a romantic feel. Unfortunately the gentleman who made our bedhead, no longer works in this way.

The linen for our bed, all comes from Pillow Talk, and while it has change frequently in the last 3 years, white has always been the common theme. Friends thought I was crazy to have white linen with a builder for a husband, but choosing a higher thread count has meant that the sheets cope well with the regular washing and bleaching. The scatter cushions on the bed came from our good friend Angela at Interior Solutions Brisbane.

Our window seats, we difficult to find the right curtains for, we are very happy with the result.

We found the curtains really difficult to source. There were so many vast price options, and our budget was limited. After a lot of searching, we found Curtain Elegance at Underwood, who were able to help us chose the right fabric and the right drop to custom make our curtains. Honestly, I’ve never been a curtain lover, but the quality of these has changed my mind.

The furniture in this room, bedside tables and drawers were both from Early Settler. We have used a few pieces from Early Settler in our home, and have been happy with them all. We required bedside tables that had a draw to hide our day to day stuff, so that we could keep the tops clutter free. While The Builder forgets my clutter free rule often, he draw does make it easy to rectify. The lamps were also from Early Settler.

Finally we needed a new cushion for the window seat. This cushion was custom made for us by the same company that made the lounges for our lounge and sitting room. The scatter cushions and throw rug were gift from friends at various times. The Micky Mouse is my childhood teddy (still love him).

Winows and doors in a Queenslander deserve beautiful dressings, we used silk curtains in ours.

We also added a couple of vintage touches, with an antique mirror from Botticelli House and a Bentwood chair sourced from Gumtree.

It was really important to us, that the room be calm and inviting. While this room might not work for everyone, for us it is pure perfection! The Builder can often be found on the weekend with a book planted on his face while he has a rest in our favourite space.

Have you created a sanctuary in your master bedroom? Would you have white bed linen?

Nicole xxx





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