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It’s Auction Week – Pen Y Llechwedd

It’s Auction Week – Pen Y Llechwedd

There is only one more sleep until our whole auction campaign is done. Regardless of the outcome on Saturday, we can finally see the end in sight. Five solid weeks of open homes, random inspections, pest and building inspections and more press than I could have imagined and we are almost done.

So how are we feeling? Exhausted! We have expended so much emotional energy in this process, that the 2 of us, would love to run away for a couple of weeks and take a break. No luck there, there is another house to find yet!

We are also excited. The last 2 weeks has seen great interest from a few couples we’d be really happy have call Pen Y Llechwedd home. Forgive me if that sounds a little arrogant, but when you love your home with such ferocity, finding the right people to continue loving her, is as important as price.

I have been amazed at the whole auction process, not something I have done before. The Builder is well experienced at auctions, having both bought and sold previously at them. There is so much work to be done by the agent. It’s like a pressure cooker right up until the day.

We have received many emails asking if I would recommend the process of auction, and yes I think I would. Whether we sell on auction day or not, it has bought out the right people to be interested. We are feeling the excitement building, and no doubt potential buyers are too.

Quite fortunately we have all the boys home on auction day to share in the excitement. I have a bottle (or 2) or Veuve on ice, chilling for the celebration at the end. We will celebrate a successful campaign, a great success in renovating our home, and hopefully a sale.

See you on the flip side 😊

Have you bought or sold at auction? What are your tips for staying calm on the day?



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