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Art Deco Style Bathrooms – Inspire Space

Art Deco Style Bathrooms – Inspire Space

Recently we have been looking at a new project involving an Art Deco style Queenslander. While I love Art Deco as a style, I have not had much to do with it before, hence a few hours spent over on my favourite Pinterest, to help me find my way around the period. What do you know, I fell in love with this quirky style and I think you will enjoy it too. Today we are exploring a few Art Deco bathrooms I found.

Art Deco Style Bathrooms – Inspired Space

art deco style bathroom  tiling

art deco style bathroom  tiling

art deco style bathroom  tiling

art deco style bathroom  tiling

This gorgeous bathroom has been designed by Heather Fox and photographed by Anna Rees. It is such a simple but classic design. With a clean pallet, the key Art Deco style features are accentuated. From the tapware to the towel rail, each detail has be carefully chosen to reflect the style of the period. A sensational example for our list of Art Deco style bathrooms.

art deco style bathroom colourful bathroom tiling

art deco style bathroom colourful bathroom tiling

art deco style bathroom colourful bathroom tiling

art deco style bathrooms colouful bathroom

These colurful bathrooms as featured in House Beautiful, are a stunning example of the richness and playfulness of the period. I am not sure I am brave enough to feature colour quite so heavily, but if the result was as beautiful as this, I sure would be tempted.

atrt deco style bathrooms tiling black and white

House & Garden

Tile patterns and strong shapes feature often in Art Deco style bathrooms. Always a fan of a monochrome pallet.

art deco style bathrooms tiling marble grey and white

Tiling paterns feature greatly in Art Deco style bathrooms, like this beautiful bathroom as featured in House Beautiful. This softer pallet appeals more to me.

As with all home decorating there are ends to the spectrum of what can be achieved. I much prefer a subtle nod to what was than to go all out like the colourful bathrooms above, however if your taste allows, a colourful example of an Art Deco style bathroom would be a stunning show piece for your home.

What style period is your favourite? Do you like Art Deco style?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Simply awesome. You have decorated your bathroom perfectly. 3d tiling is giving amazing feel and touch. Will definitely incorporate these ideas to my bathroom too.

  2. I love the faux-marble design within the bathroom by Inspired Space, but I really loved the light blue “HouseBeautiful” design. It looks like a Turkish bath (but in a great way)! Thanks Nicole x

  3. Black and white is always all right. I love the marble too and that tapware… Swoon!

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