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5 Tips to Help Plan Your Dream Kitchen #HIT

5 Tips to Help Plan Your Dream Kitchen #HIT

The kitchen is the most important room of our house. It sees the most action at all times of the day, from being an office, to a homework station, a place to entertain as well as cook, it is essential we get our planning right for it to be a functional and pleasant space to work in. Let’s take a look at what it takes to get your kitchen plan right.

5 Tips to Help Plan Your Dream Kitchen.


Plan Your Layout

Spend a couple of weeks looking at how you use your kitchen. Is it a multi function space, or do you use it only for cooking and food preparation? Are you like us and entertain from the kitchen, is it somewhere your kids do their homework? I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen, therefore we need an island kitchen, so that their is plenty of space for the kids to spread out and do their home work. My Dad doesn’t entertain from his kitchen, therefore a gallery kitchen works best for him.


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How does your space implicate how you use your kitchen? Do you need to create a little extra room so that you can have a U shaped kitchen, or is a galley ok for you? Perhaps an L shaped kitchen will work in your home.

Consider Bench Space

I cannot recommend maximising bench space enough. Look at ways you can get your microwave off the bench. Will an island bench work in your design? For a kitchen to work to its highest ability, bench space is a must! Do you really need the 900mm oven and cooktop, or can you do with a smaller 600mm to give back that extra bit of bench space. Carefully choose a sink to maintain your available bench space. Find ways in the design stage to keep your benches clutter free. Consider a herb storage draw, or an extra draw near your oven for utensil storage. Your bench is precious real estate you wont want to lose.

Keep Your Kitchen Well Light

What are you using your kitchen for? Is it simply a space to cook? The fluorescent lighting is best. Is is a family hub, where you will entertain, cook, do homework and enjoy each others company? Then take a little more time to plan your lighting choices. Consider using a combination of lighting styles to cover all uses of the space. We have bright lights for when we are cooking and then use a lamp at other times. Recent kitchen design has seen under bench lighting for helping to create the mood. Don’t forget a beautiful feature light for over your island bench!


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Plan Around The Triangle

The best kitchen functionality always revolves around the triangle. Keep your fridge, oven and cooktop and sink in a triangle to minimise the steps you take in the kitchen. For an added tip, keep you dishwasher close to your sink and keep your bin close to both. It’s these little things that really make a difference when you are using the space

Clever Storage Solutions

Clever storage solutions are a must when planning a kitchen. There are literally hundreds of clever ideas designed to help you maximise space and minimise effort when in the kitchen. We had a spice draw directly under our cooktop in our last house, that is first on the wishlist for my new kitchen, along with a utensil draw close by. We will also have a charging station for our phones and iPads. Take time to visit a few kitchen show rooms, and you local Bunnings and Ikea for some really great storage ideas and adopt as many as you can.


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As always with any element of design or decorating, have fun and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Have you ever designed a new kitchen? What clever storage solutions have you seen?


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