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5 Things The Builder’s Wife Does That Drive the Builder Crazy

5 Things The Builder’s Wife Does That Drive the Builder Crazy

Hi everyone it’s me, the Builder. After sitting back over the last few weeks allowing Nicole to have a few cheeky shots at me, I decided it was time I got a few in of my own 🙂 I’m not really into this writing thing, BUT I do have a list of things Nicole does that drive me crazy too, so here goes 🙂


5 Things The Builder’s Wife Does That Drive Me Crazy


The first thing you may or may not know about Nicole is that she is organised. Too organised! I have a certain way I like my desk to look and feel but she has a totally different idea on this. Quite often I will come home from a day on site, ready to do a quote or type an email and I can’t find where my calculator or quote book is. Often it is in the file under “Quote” or in the drawer with the other stationery supplies. Not on the desk under the sketch pad where I left it.

2. Remembers EVERYTHING!

She always remembers everything. This is good when I forget something or forget that I have an appointment scheduled, but if I’ve done something wrong or a bit naughty (speeding fine etc) I NEVER hear the end of it. Even if it’s a year earlier.
3. Neat and Tidy

Sometimes I need to get into the office quick and get out to get to an appointment and I don’t have 5 seconds to take off my boots. I do wipe my shoes and kick the dirt off them, don’t believe her! Anyway, I don’t have to make sure they’re clean anyway because quite often she follows me in with a bloody cordless vacuum cleaner!!
4. Too good at the paperwork

I love and hate this one. I love that she is up to date on the paper work. What I do hate, is when she sees that I’ve gone over budget on something and has to haul me over the coals for it. If she was any better at it, she would have me over the coals before the job has even started or before I’ve quoted the job!! 🙂

5. She’s not patient enough

Contrary to what she would have you believe, Nicole struggles to be patient enough with me, or at least that how it feels when I haven’t remembered to let her know a client is coming. I really think she needs to work on her patience.

Seriously though, I found it very hard to come up with a list for all the amazing things she does.

What drives you crazy about your partner? Do you struggle with patience like Nicole?

Adam 🙂

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